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      Has your property been impacted by Severe Storms, Water, or Fire Damage? If so, you may be looking at having your property restored through notifying your insurance company. Some people may feel that making an insurance claim when you have damage can negatively affect you. We’ve found out that’s not necessarily true. You can’t be singled out for a rate increase due to storm damage! These catastrophes are considered an Act of God. Basically, that means it’s not your fault. Now, if you crash your car into your house, that’s a different story. Actually, many insurance companies will give discounts after you’ve restored your old exterior with a newer product. In actuality, premiums rise every year. If a catastrophe fits your neighborhood, you likely may absorb the costs of others losses. This is generally how insurance work.

      Repair King is your local contractor with a deep understanding of the insurance industry. We strongly suggest that when you file your claim; you have someone with a great deal of experience to make sure that your claim is complete. When you have Storms, Water, or Fire Damage, do not miss the deadline to file your claim.

      Contact us today if you’re experiencing any Storm, Water, or Fire damage to your property for a free consultation.


      Repair King offers you a variety of options of systems for your residential roofing needs. We offer a wide variety of materials that are available. We understand how important it is to understand the appearance that is desired, your roofing needs, as well as consideration of one’s budget, and time constraints. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in making the correct choice.

      Our installers are experienced in the application of products such as 3-tab, architectural and dimensional shingles. We are also experienced in specialty roofing products which include metal roofing, flat roofs, concrete tile, slate, and clay tile.


      Repair King specializes in all types of commercial roofing, modified, , using built-up roofing (tar and gravel), bitumen and torched down systems. These coatings offer lower A/C bills and extended warranties for increased value.

      We believe that by performing every aspect of a re-roofing job ourselves, from tear-off to the application of the new roof system that we can properly control the outcome of any project. When a property owner or homeowner has only one contact person to deal with on a roofing project the entire process is greatly simplified. We will coordinate any construction with your person of choice and report all plans and updates to your standard of liking.

      Our commitment to quality and personalized client service has been a foundation of the company. Today this standard is a continuing tradition provided by our professional management personnel and work force. Our Project Managers handle the quality control, while assuring that there is as little disruption to the existing building as possible.



      Vinyl Siding is a great investment. Re-siding a home is among the top ten remodeling projects in terms of overall payback value. Vinyl siding can provide an instant dramatic face-lift and can be used to add architectural changes and elegant designs. The siding Repair King provides is durable and stands up to the most severe weather. It will not rot, peel, or flake and doesn’t need painting to keep your home looking new. A simple soap-and-water rinse is all you have to do to remove dirt and maintain the look of freshly painted wood.


      Repair King provides a variety of siding to create many different architectural designs with distinct personality. There are many to chose from including aluminum, steel, fish scale patterns on gable returns, scallop patterns as an accent, and more. Repair King can add them to your whole home, just on features, or accents. Cedar Siding, Natural Redwood Plank Siding, and some of our polypropylene products are especially meant to be used as accents, adding style, insulation, and value to a home.


      Repair King’s Consultants can provide a customize window product appropriate for you and your home. Windows make a significant difference regarding energy efficiency, appearance, and resale value.

      Contact Repair King so that we may send our Window Specialist to meet with you regarding your window desires. Our knowledgeable sales staff will provide a free in-home consultation and estimate. Repair King will professionally install your new custom-fit windows and doors as well as remove and haul away your old units for you. You can count on Repair King to be here after the sale to stand behind our workmanship. Our products come with excellent manufacturer warranties backed by Repair King’s two-year installation & service warranty on windows. We have just the right windows to fit your home, your style, and your budget!


      Repair King Installers are rain gutter systems experts and can service your gutter needs. Repair King will provide you with a gutter system custom to your specific needs of gutters and downspouts. We have a selection of the industries highest quality Seamless Gutters on the market.


      All aluminum is created equal. However when the aluminum for your Seamless Gutters are rolled out and bent on our machines, you can bet it will be installed by Repair King’s highly trained installers. Our seamless gutters are installed using the best hanger system available today. The hangers are all aluminum, so future rusting will not be not an issue. There are many gutter companies to choose from, but we feel our installers make Repair King the best choice for gutter work. This experience makes Repair King the best choice for your gutter work.


      Why clean your gutters? Gutter cleaning is an essential maintenance for any property! Dirty gutters can cause just as much damage as no gutters at all affecting both the foundation and roof structures of a property. It is vitally important to improve the water flow and reduce pest population. Failure to clean your gutters regularly can result in water damage and filthy debris build up. In most locations, it’s typically recommended that gutters be cleaned once a year in the spring and fall. If your lot is very heavily wooded, you may consider cleaning more often. Neglecting your gutters can be a costly mistake!


      While cleaning your gutters Repair King will also take care of any repair or replacement needs you may have with your gutters.* *Including, but not limited to, adding sealant where needed, re-nailing loose nails/clips, replacing small sections of gutter, adding extension, as well as any other repairs small or large.


      A little bit of prevention is much better than a whole lot of cure!

      Having a roof maintenance plan with Repair King in place can extend the useful life of any roof, siding, as well as protect the contents of the building. Because of this, roof preventative maintenance makes good economic sense. We all know minor problems can cause potentially much larger problems, which in turn become more costly. They are stressed daily by the natural elements of our climate; along with the natural aging process that each roof system goes through.

      Preventative maintenance of low-sloped and flat roofs can extend the roofs life expectancy. Lack of proper maintenance is one of the main causes for flat and low-sloped roof failures.

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      About Us

      Repair King   is a General Contracting company who specializes in managing construction projects and insurance claims due to storm damage. We use proven strategies to overcome hurdles presented to homeowners & commercial property owners when faced with Storm Damage in Minnesota.

      Products, installations, and construction services are guarded by our exclusive 5 Year Workmanship Warranty(TM). That offers a valuable peace of mind for home owners not commonly found after completion of most construction projects. With Repair King, it could not be easier to accomplish your roofing, exterior construction, or storm damage repair objectives!


        Repair King is a local owned & operated residential and commercial contractor who specializes in roofing solutions, siding repair, and other construction due to storm damage. Repair King uses top quality products and provides high quality workmanship from our resident local crews. We also provide our clients peace of mind by offering full warranties from our company and the material manufacturers of our products. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best construction transaction possible letting you know why we are the Repair King.


        The mission of Repair King is to provide the highest level of dedication and performance to our clients through our workmanship with a foundation based on phenomenal client services, our solid company morals, and an individuality allowing our clients to receive the custom treatment they deserve for their construction needs.

      • OUR VISION

        To continue to provide the best products, workmanship, service, and overall experience to our clients while continuing to educate ourselves about our industry, our communities, and the people that makes them.


        Repair King’s commitment to you sets us apart.

        • We will take notes on any preferences you have as a Home Owner for the way you want YOUR construction done
        • You will know when your job is scheduled and we will be there on time!
        • Your house and yard will be treated with respect, protected and kept clean.
        • Your roof will be installed by polite, courteous, and clean, trained professional roofers.
        • Your job will be finished without delays (weather permitting).
        • You will never be asked for full payment until the job is 100% complete.
        • You will be provided upon request with an UNCONDITIONAL LIEN RELEASE from the material supplier.
        • You will also receive a 5 YEAR WORKMANSHIP WARRANTY.
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      What Our Clients are saying


      Will my Property Inspection cost me anything?

      Not at all! It is simply a free assessment of any possible damage to your property.

      Will I be obligated to buy or commit to anything?

      Absolutely not. You are in no way obligated to purchase anything or ever make any commitments for us inspecting your property.

      Can I pocket money from a getting a lower priced roof estimate?

      No, getting a lower priced roofing estimate won’t put money in your pocket. Your insurance company won’t release all of your money until the job is completely done and they will receive a final invoice from your contractor. Your insurance company will retain any of the money saved; it will not be dispersed to the homeowner. Also, finding the lowest price only gets you a cheaper job. If you choose a roofing company that charges less than “fair market price”, you may be setting yourself up to get inferior materials, less than quality labor, lack of service after the sale, or all three! Your insurance company keeps the savings. Besides, the insurance company issued the funds for a certain purpose. If they are not used for the purpose intended you may be gambling with insurance fraud. This is why we work for the Insurance Proceeds instead of issuing our own estimate.

      How should I choose a contractor?

      It is important to choose a contractor that, is fully licensed, fully insured, knows the local codes, preferably is an registered with the Better Business Bureau, offers a Workmanship Warranty, and most importantly will go the extra mile to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

      How long do I have to make a claim for any damage?

      Most insurance companies will allow up to one year when placing your claim. However, some insurance companies have a statute of limitations as few as six months for placing a claim!

      Will my Homeowner’s Insurance rates rise from making a claim?

      This claim is considered an “Act of God” or Natural Disaster under your insurance policy and should not count against you for future rate increases.

      Who should be meeting with the Adjuster?

      The homeowner should be at the home during the Insurance Adjustment. Also, it’s proven to be helpful to have the contractor there also to have another set of experienced eyes with professional experience looking out for your best interest. Most states often suggest that you have someone there with you at the time of your adjustment for additional representation. For example, the Colorado Department of Insurance recommends that your roofing contractor be at your home when your insurance adjuster arrives to inspect your property for damage. Adjusters are human. They are very busy and may inadvertently miss something or overlook an important aspect of your claim.

      Can the contractor pay my deductible for me?

      Legally, you can not do that. Of course, a roofer in collusion with a homeowner can submit falsified invoices. However, doing so is insurance fraud. We often hear stories of other companies doing just about anything to get business. Repair King will NOT this. Please ask your Repair King representative for details.

      What should I do with this check from my Insurance Company?

      When your insurance company agrees to pay your claim, they will cut a first check that is a partial-payment. This check is the total amount they are paying for your claim minus your deductible and depreciation. Often, the first check will be co-endorsed to your mortgage company if it is over $5,000. If your check is co-endorsed, you’ll need to get a signature from your mortgage company and deposit the check in your bank before starting work. If your check is not co-endorsed to your mortgage company, simply deposit in your local bank. Your bank may or may not have a policy of holding insurance funds for 7-10 business days. The second check with the remaining amount of depreciation is usually only cut after you or your contractor submits a final invoice after completing the construction on your home. These funds are to pay the contractor to cover material and labor for your claim.

      Can I keep some of the depreciation check for myself?

      If you do not use all of your depreciation to get your home fixed, your insurance company will subtract your deductible from the final lower-priced invoice rather than the total claim originally allowed. “In other words, your insurance company will keep any depreciation monies you didn’t spend while getting your home fixed.” We highly suggest simply using the insurance money for the purposes intended.

      Why do they hold the depreciation check?

      Depreciation is the amount of money withheld from you until all work is completed. By withholding depreciation, your insurance company ensures that they only pay the balance after the funds are used for the construction listed on your Insurance Scope. If you do not spend all of the money allowed, your insurance company keeps the difference and pays the balance.

      What should I do if my insurance company gave me an amount, but it doesn’t cover everything or seem like enough.

      Many adjusters will use industry standard software to estimate the associated cost for your project. It’s an estimate because it’s not always exactly accurate. Different regions have different pricing, sometimes humans make errors, and the Scope of Work may be disputed if inaccurate. Also, pricing often changes with the cost of materials. We like to negotiate with the insurance companies and represent you in these matters. Sometimes setting up a meeting with your contractor and your adjuster can me the effective for coming to an agreement. Other times, it may be a decision that is made above their head and may take time to process. Usually most issues are resolved between the insurance company and your contractor. If things still aren’t resolved, you may want to review your policy and find out how to resolve disputes

      How old is my existing roof and how many more years of service are left in it?

      With an inspection of your existing roof by a professional contractor, you should be able to determine the condition and approximate years of service that’s left, plus if your home is under 10 years old it probably has the original roof, therefore determining the age.

      Often there are numerous discontinued or defective products out there that were used years ago. Our Repair Kings are experts on identifying some of these products and are knowledgeable on how you may get the roofing system you deserve.

      Is my roof vented properly, do I need a ridge vent, or more roof vents or under eave vents?

      Based on 1800 sq. ft. you would need 432 square inches of net free vent area. That would translate to 4 standard 12″x 18″ roof vents or 5 12″ turbines or 35′ minimum ridge vent.

      Could my house need more insulation?

      If your home is 20 or more years old and no one has checked the blown attic insulation and you have higher than normal electric bills, you may need to add insulation or replace an old underperforming A/C unit.

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