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In the battle to get you your true entitled value, we've found that it's better to work together. Over the years we have put together a team of the best of the best! Our combined efforts, areas of expertise, experience, and resources produce the BEST results! It's not often that you need to use your insurance so most clients aren't too familiar with the process and how to get the results that you should deserve and you should receive! We're a one-stop-shop for your insurance claim, process, and construction!

Who are all the Kings’ men?



Repair King takes duty of the construction, restoration, or improvements to your property with pride. We assume all responsibility for the satisfaction of any project we complete using our subcontractors to execute any work performed.

Our General Contracting services include:

  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Asphalt, Metal, and Flat Roof systems
  • Church Roofing Construction
  • Residential & Commercial Window Replacement
  • Flat Roof Repairs


epair King has built a solid team to provide you with the information, understanding, and resources to provide complete construction management and consulting services. Our team can provide solutions to everyday challenges faced by property owners, contractors, adjusters, and engineers are challenged with as a result of insurance claims and construction. From first contact until completion of the project, Repair King can assist, coordinate, and facilitate construction to alleviate complex issues and scenarios. This way you can delegate the construction project and spend your time elsewhere where it may be best spent; running or managing your company.

Our Consulting services include:

  • Pre-Construction
  • Property Insurance Restoration
  • Budget Analysis
  • Safety Procedures
  • Project Planning
  • Parking


The value of the right Public Adjuster cannot be understated. Repair King has chosen the best Public Adjusters to get the best results. Even as a General Contractor, in some scenarios even we are limited when communicating in regards to your insurance claim. This is why we’ve built a strong team to handle your claim on every level. We have the best Licensed Public Adjusters on our team to work jointly to interpret your insurance policy and coverages, thoroughly access the amount of damage and it’s true costs, and negotiate on behalf of the policyholder until the claim is closed.

Public Adjusting services include:

  • Full legal representation by a licensed Public Adjuster
  • Comprehensive understanding of your Insurance Policy
  • Ensure you receive full entitlement of your Insurance Benefits
  • Larger Settlements


Insurance companies use engineers all the time to determine damage, which means that you may have to do the same if there is a disagreement. Some thorough examinations of claims may require the forensic evidence and reports provided by an engineer. Insurance companies have contracted their own engineers for years to provide evidence to support their claims. Having an engineer on your team prove forensic reports that may be unveil unnoticed and undetectable issues; simplifying them into manageable recommendations.

Engineer services may include:

  • Structural Engineering & Analysis
  • Water Intrusion
  • Damage Cost Engineering
  • Code Reviews
  • Roof Evaluation and Testing
  • Appraisal and/or Umpire Representation
  • And More!


Repair King takes consulting form some of the best Litigation Attorneys in the state. There are many factors when determining coverage under a policy. They may include: coverage, perils, dates, and other factors. Disputes over insurance coverage can include a broad range of litigation including but not limited to: Bad Faith, Declaratory Judgment Actions, and Extra-Contractual Liability Claims. Success will depend on time frames, addressing issues upon as soon as they arise, and dealing with them properly under the law. Our attorneys review policies on a regular basis on behalf of our clients. They determine appropriate strategies on a case-by-case scenario and determine whether an opinion letter or further action is needed. Capitalizing on this as early as possible is a proactive method to protect policyholders under the law to handle coverage disputes. We have attorneys that are very familiar obligations, duties, and defenses available to the policyholders. We have worked diligently to protect insures and their rights under their policy to handle any disputes in a timely and cost-efficient manner.