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Our professionals can provide you a free estimate on roofing repairs or re-roofing.  Experienced in both commercial and residential roofs, we can solve any roofing situation and help to prevent future leaks and problems.  We will evaluate your roof and provide the best economical solution for your roof.

  • Flat Roofing Repairs and Re-Roofing
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Flat Roof Installation
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Rubber Membrane
  • EPDM
  • PVC Roofing
  • Leak Investigations
  • Thermal Imagery
  • Coatings and Waterproofing
  • Single Ply Membrane Roofs
  • Storm Damage & Insurance Claims
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Repair King offers more than just exterior services. We offer full restoration and general contracting services for all multi-family dwellings. Whether it’s apartment buildings, condos, townhouses or duplexes, our team works with precision and speed to restore, repair, or replace the units needs.

Repair King will keep you informed through the entire process and ensure all your property needs are met. Repair King has the team to tackle the job and guarantee your satisfaction.

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Why Repair King for Multi-Family?

  • At Repair King we strive for excellence and treat all of our customers as ROYALTY.  We do not compromise on quality over cost and we get the job done right the first time.  
  • As a master commercial roofing company, we can offer premium warranties that many other roofing companies are not able to provide.
  • Repair King utilizes the latest technology platforms to properly scope and manage your project from start to finish.  In addition to using state-of-the-art technology during your project, we also also a unique Customer Portal system so that you are able to see your job progress, estimates, and follow along in our Pr
  • Our management team has over 15 years’ experience in the roofing and insurance industries.
  • The Crest Exteriors team of highly trained professionals are experts in restoration and all types of roofing installations and repairs.
  • Our reputation for quality workmanship, attention to detail backed by exceptional customer service speaks for itself—we are proud to consistently receive four and five-star reviews from our happy customers!

Multi-Family Roofing Key Service Areas

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Apartment Roofing

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Condo Roofing

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Townhouse Roofing

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Multi-Family Roofing

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Duplex Roofing and more

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General Contracting
and Building Restoration

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Repair & Disaster Relief

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Property Maintenance

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Insurance Loss Restoration
and more

Roof Maintenance Program

Preventative Maintenance

There are times when you absolutely need a new roof and there are times when options such as our asphalt and elastomeric coatings can help extend the life of your roof for many years. Roof coatings can help preserve and prolong the life of a flat roof, by creating a seamless, pliable, long lasting layer of water repellent protection over existing flat roof surfaces.
It’s important to choose a company you can trust with your roofing needs, as the roof is one of the most valuable and necessary assets to your home or business. We realize this and strive to bring customer satisfaction through our maintenance, restoration, and re-roofing programs. These programs include regularly scheduled annual or semi annual inspections to protect your roofing investment by detecting damage in the early stages

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How can you be sure that your roofing investment is fully protected when costly, unexpected problems come up? Even newer roofs require routine maintenance to keep them in good shape and extend their useful lives. Many kinds of roof damage are “invisible” until it’s too late. Cracked pipes, weak shingles, ice dams, non-functional gutters, pest damage and faulty flashing are just a few of the common roofing problems that can remain hidden for years.

What does that mean for your condo roof, apartment roof, townhouse roof, or multi-family roofing situation? It means that wood, walls, insulation and other components of your home’s protection system could be decaying right now, without showing any outward signs of trouble.  

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The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends two roof inspections per year. And remember that some warranties require regular maintenance to stay in force. The good news is that your warranty covers material performance and workmanship during installation. The even better news is that the Crest Exteriors maintenance program takes all the headaches and hassles out of managing the timing of regular maintenance on your roof.

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Strategic Planning and Project Management Services

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Strategic planning and total project management services on every job are a key part of the Crest difference.

Our top-rated estimators work closely with trade contractors so that budget estimates are accurate and easy to understand. Every job site has a full-time, onsite project manager who takes care of every detail, like making sure materials and workmanship are of the highest quality.

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The entire Crest Exteriors team works as one. Team members stick to the schedule to minimize downtime, delays and total cost. That’s just one reason the team works with a rolling, weekly schedule and coordinates time milestones with each work crew.

Repair King Builds Understanding 

We combine a team of highly experienced local general contractors and roofing specialists, with a culture of “understanding” which is ingrained in our culture. Repair King has a proven track record of prioritizing your’ needs at the top of the list, providing quality workmanship with close attention to detail, and utilizing the latest industry technologies to obtain the most accurate data, all of which sets us apart from our competitors. We do all this while managing a smooth ongoing project without business interruption.

The Repair King team is ready to start work on your next commercial project!

Repair King’s got you covered!

You need a roofing contractor who has the knowledge and experience for your project to ensure that it is properly managed. We give you personalized attention when managing your project so you can focus on your business without interruption while we handle ours. Whether repairing or replacing your commercial roofing system Repair King offers multiple options to ensure that you get the roof you need, one that meets your budget constraints, and we promise to give you the regal service you deserve.

Preventing an issue is much better than solving one.

We are here to listen to your concerns and goals, and will construct a plan to get you exactly what you need. Repair King prides itself in providing experienced and highly trained employees and we ensure that all projects are managed and inspected by project supervisors.

The goal of a commercial property is to generate income not take away from it. We believe it’s necessary to consider the best financial strategy when approaching the solution of an issue. Contact us for an inspection and consultation.

Commercial Roof Leak Repairs

There’s an art to finding leaks and repairing leaks properly on a commercial property. A leaking low-slope roof can fool some roofing contractors into repairing the wrong areas. We have the experience and technology to find the problem area(s) and entry point where water is coming in through the roof. We have the experience and technology to save you time and money.

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Sometimes commercial roof issues are caused by things covered by your insurance policy; like hail, wind, or snow load. You will need to be informed so that you have the proper information to decide if it is wise to repair or replace your commercial roof. Additionally,  we suggest having us conduct an initial free inspection to determine the source and best solution for your issue. This way you are properly informed if there should be an out of pocket expense or if the damage is an issue that you should report to your insurance company.  

Regardless of the type of structure or building you’re covered by the King!

Ask about Duro-Last a roofing system for your roof!

One would think that how long a roof lasts would be its only selling point. With Duro-Last products, however, there are a lot more positive considerations. One such consideration is monetary savings over the life of the roof. These are two concepts that most of us would not consider related. The truth of the matter is that your roof is in a position, literally, to save money. Duro-Last roofing products focus on what they call the five E's: Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics, and Engineering. Each of those E's represents a way to save money. For example, the E for Energy focuses on how much it costs to heat and cool your home over the years.

An energy efficient roof is capable of holding precious heat inside during winter and reflecting heat away during the summer months. This type of roof provides better efficiency for your building in winter, and to also keep it cooler in summer. That is an example of how innovative roofing can be. If you are using less energy to warm your house during the colder part of the year, and less energy to cool your home during the hotter parts of the year, then you are saving money all year long. That alone is a point that many property owners should consider. Not to mention their one of a kind warranty!

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Ask about Spray Foam Systems

Installing a spray polyurethane foam roofing system or repairing your existing SPF commercial roof has many huge benefits. With the energy prices skyrocketing, every business owner is looking for ways to keep their energy costs lower. The foam roof insulation solution our contractors install will change your old roof from an energy-wasteful system into a clean “green” roofing system that will help keep energy costs down. In fact, the spray polyurethane foam roofing system can pay for itself in energy savings within 7 years!

Sprayed polyurethane foam roofing systems have been engineered to provide a superior energy-efficient, long-lasting roof for any building.

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Foam roofing offers excellent insulation value and a smooth, durable, seam-free barrier against the elements Foam is so lightweight – about eight ounces per square foot – it can be applied over most existing roof systems without exceeding the structural load capacity. Yet it’s amazingly strong, easily withstanding light foot traffic and other weight requirements. SPF has a long history in the roofing and coatings market where SPF roofs have recorded service lives in excess of 40 years performing in spite of nature’s highly destructive elements.