Solid Oak

Oak Meadows Senior Living, Oakdale, MN


Roofing inspection

Another Twin Cities General Contractor landed a pretty big roofing inspection. Unfortunately, they came to a dead end with the insurance company obtaining results of full entitlement for their client. So they reached out to us to assist them with the project. They were the familiar local contractor who specialized in roofing. However when it came to insurance claims, they found out it can be an entirely different animal they are dealing with.


Nor paying for additional damages

Our task was to come in and do a joint deal with them assisting in results their client deserved! The insurance company was giving pricing that wasn’t fair to the contractor, wasn’t paying for proper safety precautions on this three-story commercial property. Nor paying for additional damages.


Additional damages

Repair King came into the situation, took over dealing with the insurance carrier, and fought for what was right! Additionally, we discovered additional damages that were not discovered during the inspections or two prior adjustments with the insurance adjuster. Also the high winds that impacted the building loosened metal soffits & fascia and some material was dangling from three stories above causing a liability issue for the seniors and staff below.  


Full roof replacement

The end result was a full roof replacement, and over a mile of fascia on a three story building, and additional siding and flashing repairs. Being a Senior Living facility, attracting new residents and maintaining a clean prestige exterior is of the utmost importance and can directly affect attracting tenants.\ Now after all that, their property is looking as solid as oak!