Poisoned Ivy

Ivy Apartments, St. Paul MN


Insurance claim

We received a call from an apartment building wanting assistance with their insurance claim. They informed us they were 100% by their insurance company and were referred to call us.



A Repair King representative was dispatched to go investigate their claim, potential damage, and frustrations with their carrier.


Communication with their insurance

We scheduled a property inspection by Repair King, then communicated with their insurance company about our discovery. Initially, after our advice they had a bad taste in their mouth for the Repair King Representative and felt like they were being misled. We later found this was because of the assumed trust they had for their insurance company, considering they were with their carrier for many years and they just met us.


Protecting their investment property.

After negotiations and some strategic arguments, we were successful at overturning the initial insurance adjuster’s decision to deny the roof This gave the property owners comfort in our strategy in getting what they were entitled to and removing the previously poisoned taste they had in their mouth and now believe in the results that Repair King provides their clients. And now they have a nice new roof protecting their investment property.